What Happened To Goddess Detox?

Hi to the Goddess reading this. Some of you have been wanting to know what is going on when it comes to the Goddess Detox website and order updates.
I want to apologize for my silence as I have been taking care of my mental health and honestly sitting with myself.

Goddess Detox the company is officially closed for soo many reasons.

This closing was not something I initially wanted as Goddess Detox has been my baby for 7 years but something I needed to do.

Now, what does that mean for those that ordered prior to this closing? We have decided to issue you store credit for the new company Evolving Butterfly as well as provide access to my best selling spiritual self-love course valued at $1225 for free.

Originally we wanted to send out all old orders but that kept being pushed back as we do not have access to the same resources, so this is the new plan. 

We can not provide refunds back to your card or payment method, if you wish to dispute this charge with your bank you can do that, what we are offering is store credit. and access to a $1225 spiritual self-love course. Again our apologies as we have never navigated a business closing before so thank you for your patience with all the changes and updates.

Please send  a screenshot of your old order showing how much was paid with the date, order number and name as well as email address so we can issue you this immediately.

In your email you can search the words: Goddess Detox Order Confirmation or Contact@goddessdetox.org either one you can copy and paste from here to search your email.

SEND THIS VIA EMAIL ONLY, NOT THE DMS. Thank you for your support for these last 7 years, would love if you continued to support my new journey and my apologies again for the delay as we figured this out.

You can email us at Hi@EvolvingButterfly.org or via our Contact Us Page we have resumed answering emails.

Please give 2-3 Business Days to get a response back we have hundreds on emails. 

Thank You  -Evolving Butterfly & Olanikee

- May 26, 2023


There have been so many things going on behind the scenes, many beyond my control and some in my control, and many times I thought myself to be a failure going through this process, but I don't see it as that anymore. Just a big learning lesson. Learning lessons on what I actually desire from a business that is an extension of me vs what typical success may look like, climbing up a never-ending ladder and all the woes of being a business owner lol. I've learned soo much in 2022 and will share my story soon.

Evolving Butterfly is the new website and new brand where my Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls will be sold.This brand is more in alignment to what I desire.

For now, the pearls are what I will be starting with but not from the will this makes my pussy wet perspective. But from the I want to connect with myself perspective.

For me, my detox pearls have always been more then what it can do physically but what they can and has done on a spiritual level.

 Evolving Butterfly is about women loving who they are and the changes they go through. 5 years ago you may have had totally different taste then you do now, or have expanded your taste, you are ever-evolving.

If you decide to use my detox pearls it's because you want to get deeper with yourself, connect to yourself and cleanse your womb space. You have the understanding that the detox is a spiritual experience that allows you to reconnect to your womb and see changes in your life based on your own prayers.

I want women who are on their self-healing and self-love journeys to use my products, those who are open to a deeper connection with themselves and have an open mind when it comes to energy and spirituality. It doesn't matter your background.

Thank you for reading and thank you for all your support.  Much love.

The new website is: EvolvingButterfly.org 

Olanikee former CEO of Goddess Detox.