Affiliate Marketing Earn Money With Evolving Butterfly

Hi, so many of you have asked if I am going to start commission's again with Evolving Butterfly, basically you post our products and you get commissions on it. 

I have decided to YES do this through one of the best platforms out there and that's Tik Tok.

On my Tik Tok Shop: Evolving Butterfly, I have some of my items on the shop for Tik Tok Creators to add to their own Tik Tok Seller Shop.

When you sign up as a Tik Tok Creator that has a shop, you can add items onto your profile.

You can also make videos and tag those products in your video, so when people click on it they can actually purchase that item right on Tik Tok.

Right now I am offering 21% commission for you to promote my Evolving Butterfly products on Tik Tok.

My Tik Tok Shop prices are higher then my website's and this works out because you get to make more money when people purchase from us on Tik Tok.

For example: The Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls are  $99 on Tik Tok, if someone purchases with your link on Tik Tok you make $20.79. I wanted it to be worth it for you to post. You sell 5 and make an extra $100 in a day. The Pu$$y Power Yoni Wash is $50, you sell on Tik Tok and can make $10.50 each purchase.

This is a win for you and a win for me.

There are requirements you have to have in order to get to be able to sell on Tik Tok Shop:

Have 1,000 Followers on Tik Tok

Be 18 years or older

I have videos for you below so you can watch them. Literally you make a video, promote the product, give your review and tag the product in the video, posting as many times as you want.

Videos To Learn & Watch:

About Tik Tok Shop

How To Set Up Commission Shop On Tik Tok

What To Do After Setting Up Your Account:

After setting up your account search for: Evolving Butterfly within your Tik Tok Marketplace and you will see the Goddess Detox Pearls and P Power Yoni Wash pop up. Add them.

Then you can create videos, but also these videos work best when you actually have the product on you, so make sure you have one of these products at home with you to create these videos.

Order products HERE if you need some.

That's pretty much it, if you have questions you can email us HERE

Example Videos Of Other Creators Making Commission Videos, You literally can sell other peoples stuff too that are on Tik Tok Shop.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4 

Example 5

Enjoy creating, and enjoy making money from creating.